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An incredible 27,700 square-foot commercial real estate opportunity awaits just 3.5 miles west of Wright-Patterson in Huber Heights. The property at 6556-6581 Brandt Pike is a 100 percent occupied multi-tenant retail center with stable and diversified long-term tenants yielding fantastic ROI. Located on 2.133 acres of prime, well-trafficked area, the Brandt Pike property is currently available at $1,850,000, which equates to about $66.79 per square foot. Owners will be able to reap the benefits of the long-time tenants while also extending options to other tenants interested in such a competitive space.

It’s All About the Location

When it comes to retail centers, it’s all about location. Situated within minutes of Wright State University and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the Brandt Pike retail center is the perfect location for boutiques, retail shops, and miscellaneous services. Meanwhile, it’s still far enough from the epicenter of city activity that there’s still tremendous value for the land. With the right location, you won’t have a hard time finding tenants, and it’s rarely difficult for tenants to get the business they need to pay their rent when they’re in a popular spot.

Brandt Pike can also provide an excellent opportunity for owner occupants who are interested in placing their own businesses within the retail space as tenants leave and leases expire. More detail may be available regarding the individual leases at the property.

The property at 6556-6581 Brandt Pike is a 100 percent occupied multi-tenant retail center with stable and diversified long-term tenants that yields fantastic ROI.

The Tenants Make the Center at Brandt Pike

Already occupied buildings are incredibly valuable — all of the contracts have already been negotiated and many tenants are attached to their premises. The nine retail units within Brandt Pike range from 1,000 square feet to 8,300 square feet, giving tenants a lot of variety and giving owners the ability to easily find the right tenants for those spaces. With only nine retail units, the management of Brandt Pike will be minimal, allowing owner-investors to maximize their profit potential.

Brandt Pike is the perfect opportunity for real estate investors looking for the opportunity to build steady, passive income. As a well-trafficked location with highly visible signage, Brandt Pike is incredibly attractive to potential long-term tenants. The existing tenant base of Brandt Pike includes those within the beauty, health care and technology industries, so it’s a diverse crowd!

Highly desirable properties tend to move fast, especially those that come with stable and proven revenue streams. There are many financing options available for multi-tenant buildings for investors who want to get started right away. For 100 percent occupied multi-tenant buildings, it may be possible to acquire full financing through a commercial real estate loan. If you are interested in this new opportunity at 6556-6581 Brandt Pike, contact us now!

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