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Top Office Leases Recognized for Columbus

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By CoStar Research

April 30, 2021 | 7:00 A.M.

Prominent office leases signed by Northwest Bank, ORM and Vineyard Church negotiated by top dealmakers from Alterra Real Estate Advisors, JLL, Elford Realty and Newmark are among the first quarter office leases recognized by CoStar.

As big ticket items involving sizable investments, commercial property transactions often have a wider impact within the community. CoStar will recognize the largest leases completed each quarter and the dealmakers who made them happen in their respective markets.

Here are the Columbus, Ohio, office leases selected as the first quarter 2021 winners of the CoStar Power Broker Quarterly Deal Awards:

TOP LEASE: 3 Easton Oval, Columbus, OH

3 Easton Oval, Columbus, OH (CoStar)

Space Leased: 19,086 SF

Deal Type: New Lease

Size: 91,249 SF

Tenant: Northwest Bank

Brokers Involved: Bradford Kitchen of Alterra Real Estate Advisors represented the landlord. Clayton Davis of JLL represented the tenant.

Deal Commentary: Northwest Bank signed a lease for 19,086 square feet at 3 Easton Oval. The bank is headquartered in Warren, Pennsylvania, and has 170 branches in the United States.

TOP LEASE: 555 Edgar Waldo Way, Columbus, OH

555 Edgar Waldo Way, Columbus, OH (CoStar)

Space Leased: 17,592 SF

Deal Type: New Lease

Size: 66,243 SF

Tenant: ORM

Brokers Involved: Andy Mills and Kristy Daniel of Elford Realty represented the landlord. Wayne Harer and Ken Isenbarger of Newmark represented the tenant.

Deal Commentary: Ohio Reproductive Medicine agreed to move to Building Two at 555 Edgar Waldo Way. The company began in 1994 and is a leading fertility clinic.

TOP LEASE: 777 Goodale Blvd., Columbus, OH

777 Goodale Blvd., Columbus, OH (CoStar)

Space Leased: 17,146 SF

Deal Type: New Lease

Size: 65,340 SF

Tenant: Vineyard Church

Brokers Involved: Andy Dutcher, Peter Merkle and Matt Gregory of NAI Ohio Equities represented the landlord. David Hartsook of CBRE represented the tenant.

Deal Commentary: Vineyard Church agreed to occupy 17,146 square feet in Columbus. The church currently has four locations across the market.

TOP LEASE: 7775 Walton Parkway, New Albany, OH

7775 Walton Parkway, New Albany, OH (CoStar)

Space Leased: 14,986 SF

Deal Type: New Lease

Size: 106,080 SF

Tenant: Shremshock Architects & Engineers

Brokers Involved: Greg Weber and John Derzon of The Daimler Group represented the landlord.

Deal Commentary: Shremshock Architects & Engineers, a design service company specializing in architecture, signed a lease to occupy 14,986 square feet of space in Water’s Edge Campus. The building was constructed in 2009 and totals more than 100,000 square feet.

TOP LEASE: 515 E. Main St., Columbus, OH

515 E. Main St., Columbus, OH (CoStar)

Space Leased: 14,205 SF

Deal Type: New Lease

Size: 59,965 SF

Tenant: Andelyn Biosciences

Brokers Involved: Julia Ehret of Healthcare Management of America represented the landlord.

Deal Commentary: Andelyn Biosciences agreed to lease 14,205 square feet at One Market Exchange. The company started out of Nationwide Children’s Hospital 15 years ago and supports clients from preclinical through Phase 3 trials.

Power Broker Quarterly Deals

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